• I WILL win at Kentucky.

    Will Power, Chicago 2010

  • The minute he got in front of me, he slowed down half-a-second a lap because he knows I'm fighting him for the championship and he was out of the race. It's probably the most unsportsmanlike thing I've ever seen on the racetrack, apart from shunting someone into a wall.

    Wade Cunningham on Sebastien Saavedra, Iowa 2009

  • When I saw he was slowing down, I have to say it was a relief. I thought, 'Now we can finally unleash the beast inside and go for the win.'

    Simon Pagenaud on Will Power's misfortune at Sonoma, ESPN.com, September 18th 2016

  • Broke a glass at a restaurant. Apologize to the waiter, he looks at me, says "Accidents happen. YOU know what I mean!"

    James Hinchcliffe via Twitter, December 17th 2015

  • Helio lives for this. This is his passion. He loves Indy.

    Simon Pagenaud, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 15th 2018

  • The Indy 500 is one of the greatest events in the sport. Drivers all over the world know this. I belong there. Because I'm a racer.

    Fernando Alonso on The Indy 500, The Players Tribune, May 18th 2017

  • I was a craft beer and a wallet chain away from being a hipster!

    James Hinchcliffe on beard growth, Tim and Sid's Plays of the Week, September 14th 2015

  • I told him I'd follow him anywhere he went, as long as it was on the racetrack.

    Sam Hornish Jr on Tomas Scheckter, Texas 2005

  • I still have the passion to drive the hell out of it!

    Juan Pablo Montoya on his motivation, NBCSports.com, July 12th 2016

  • Back at the big house next weekend, kids.

    Alexander Rossi on the Harvest GP, Twitter.com, 24th September 2020

  • Let's wait and watch.

    Tom Carnegie

  • What a day. This place is magical. It is still the 'beginning of the season' for me but everything is starting to fall into place. This is the best month of May, ever.

    Helio Castroneves after winning the Indy 500, May 2009

  • I bet you'd love to drive one, you just wouldn't want to crash one!

    Charlie Kimball to Dale Jr. via Twitter, Pocono, August 23rd 2015

  • Less than a mile an hour and I'm on pole. It's tough. It's IndyCar. It's why we love it.

    Scott McLaughlan on qualifying at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 22nd 2023, via Speed Street

  • Cheever had a problem with my dad, he had a problem with me, and now he's taking it out on Marco.

    Michael Andretti, Watkins Glen 2006

  • Without the IRL, a lot of guys would never have been able to show what they can do.

    Tony Stewart, May 2007

  • This is and always will be the greatest spectacle in racing. This is the Indianapolis 500.

    Leigh Diffey, as the green flag waved at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, May 29th 2022

  • This is just an excellent race and to be a part of the history, I'm really grateful for that.

    Roger Yasukawa, Indy 2007

  • I promise you this: it isn't the last you've seen of me at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. My last time there will not be a day when I'm walking out with my tail between my legs.

    Paul Tracy, Indy Bump Day 2010

  • You've only seen me smile here.

    Romain Grosjean on being in IndyCar, after the GMR Grand Prix, IMS, May 15th 2021

  • Patience is a virtue... and someone wasn't very virtuous today.

    James Hinchcliffe on an unnamed driver, Long Beach 2014

  • Some of the drivers roll out this 'safety' word, and suddenly it ties everybody's hands. But those arguments make no sense anyway. Remove downforce and you actually improve safety

    Rick Mears on downforce, Motorsport.com, October 28th 2015

  • For a moment, all is right with the world - Danica Patrick is leading the Indianapolis 500.

    Adam Alexander, Indy 2005

  • I don't know him at all. Is he in his own little world?

    Kevin Lee on Jacques Villeneuve, Trackside, August 2012

  • Then again my favorite films of all time are Fast and the Furious 1 through 8 or however many of them there are.

    Conor Daly on underglow. Via Twitter, July 16th 2020

  • Not bad for a part timer ;o)

    Graham Rahal on finishing 5th at Toronto, via Twitter, July 2010

  • It's just crazy. If I never won another pole, I wouldn't care. Almost.

    James Hinchcliffe on winning the pole for the 100th Indy 500, May 22nd 2016

  • The last time this flag was on the front row of the Indy500, I wasn’t born. Makes me proud.

    Rinus Veekay on the Dutch flag, Twitter.com, May 25th 2021

  • It's great that it's one minute after six!

    Marty Roth, Indy Bump Day 2007

  • My Father said if you are going to win one race, make sure it is the Indianapolis 500

    Eddie Cheever after winning the Indy 500

  • You don't get too many times like that at the Indy 500 where you're out there and you have a chance to win the race right in front of everybody on the last lap.

    Sam Hornish Jr, Indy 2006

  • You're not going to out-Dixon Dixon!

    James Hinchcliffe on trying to beat Scott Dixon on fuel mileage, during the Bommarito Automative 500, August 27th 2023

  • I never would've had my opportunity to race at Indy if it weren't for Tony George and the IRL.

    Tony Stewart, May 2007

  • Who is the buff guy in blue with the big #Schnozolla?

    Chip Ganassi on Tony Kanaan's Family Feud appearance, via Twitter, July 26th 2016

  • The day started when I walked into Gasoline Alley and saw the grandstands. It was my first time here on race day and it was quite unbelievable.

    Alex Tagliani on the 2009 Indianapolis 500

  • Antony! Yer losin' 3 seconds a lap! Now get yer foot into it, I'm not gonna tell ya again!!

    AJ Foyt, Chicagoland 2004

  • It takes a lot of guts to expose yourself in front of millions of people, in front of all the media, in front of all your peers. If somebody came to me and said, "Hey, you want to run Texas in an IRL car," I'd say, "Hell, no. I don't want to get embarrassed." She's doing that. I have a lot of respect for that.

    Jeff Burton on Danica Patrick, June 2010

  • Heeeeeee's on it!

    Tom Carnegie

  • Pounding down toward the yard of bricks...

    Tom Carnegie

  • Will he get through? Where is he? Where is he? There he is!

    Tom Carnegie on A.J. Foyt, 1967

  • It was a tough day – really disappointing... I guess it was a good day in reality.

    Josef Newgarden on finishing 7th at the IMS Road Course, July 4th 2020

  • Going into Texas with four wheels on the car is pretty exciting!

    Sarah Fisher after the 2009 Indianapolis 500

  • When Will was going off on Versus, I was cracking up. I was like, man, I didn't know you could talk like that! And I never knew you could say 'wanker' on TV, but that's my new word for now on... so I guess something good did come out of Toronto!

    Tony Kanaan on Will Power, Toronto, July 2011

  • I think Briscoe and I had a pretty good race going on, but we got what we got.

    Scott Dixon on losing the race and the championship, Homestead 2009

  • Good morning from the start/finish line at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

    Tom Carnegie

  • I just can't wait to get back in the car. I wonder if I'm still any good.

    Will Power on the long off season, St Petersburg, March 21st 2013

  • Racing IndyCars at Richmond is like flying fighter jets in a gymnasium.

    Eddie Cheever Jr.

  • The things that play on your mind the most are the ones that just got away.

    Buddy Lazier on the Indy 500

  • Do you still remember how to celebrate these things?!

    Tim Cindric on the radio to Will Power, Detroit, 5th June 2016

  • I came in not knowing what to expect. I basically fell in love with IndyCar.

    Romain Grosjean on his rookie season, Laguna Seca, September 19th 2021

Standings after 16 events of the 2011 Season

1 Phil Nation American Racing 2233
2 Jeremy Keller Draggin' Racing 2190 -43
3 Adam W. Team IndyWahoo6 2151 -82
4 Michael Saltzman princess sparkle pony 2146 -87
5 Nathan Losure Who Dat Racing 2132 -101
6 Mark Wyldman MarkoWild 2131 -102
7 Tyler Cartmell TCMotorsports 2094 -139
8 Scott Barton Indy500Fan 2071 -162
9 Bill Battle Red Racing 2063 -170
10 Mike Alley Cat 2062 -171
11 Bill Wolfred Team Nabors 2055 -178
John Wilson Wombat Racing 2055 -178
13 Colin Zarzycki Pole Position II 2021 -212
14 Neil P The Stickman's Racing Group 2018 -215
15 Vincent C Genovese Slot Eight Racing 2003 -230
16 doug smelser gas city motorsport 1995 -238
17 Bret E. Collins trickbag 1992 -241
18 Tom DeHaven P1 Chase 1991 -242
19 Dave Bulebush Bbush Racing South 1988 -245
20 d v smelser dvs motorsports 1983 -250
21 Tony Akens Team Backmarkers 1980 -253
22 Andy Miller Squadra Speedgeek 1975 -258
23 Andrew Wood Fast Woody 1972 -261
24 Mike Cockrall Team Canada 1970 -263
25 Andrew Miller A.J. Foyt's PopOff Valve 1960 -273
26 Michael Edradour Racing 1959 -274
27 Derek Waldrep One of Thirty-Three 1950 -283
28 Jim Ferguson Team Kanaan 1942 -291
Donna Jackson gogetem 1942 -291
30 Ben Deneweth Geedis Motorsports 1940 -293
31 DavidJPL Rockford Rocks 1939 -294
32 Chad Ring AMR Racing 1936 -297
33 Christopher Meyer Rose-Hulman Racing 1915 -318
34 Vanessa Ferguson Nessie's Racers 1909 -324
35 Terry Waldrep oldtw8 1908 -325
36 Jonathan Close Lemming51 Enterprises 1906 -327
37 Chris Rammel Crusher Racing 1898 -335
38 Mark Fresher Fresh Racing 1895 -338
Dale Gleitz Mallard 1895 -338
40 Jessica Radloff IndySpeedRacer 1892 -341
41 Bill Brash Bearcat Racing 1881 -352
42 Jodi Southernbell 1878 -355
43 Chad Kincaid Searching for the next Tom Sneva 1874 -359
44 Dave Rammel Doodles Racing 1873 -360
45 Allen Wedge Ride Buyers 1872 -361
46 Joey Kardelis Nazspeedway 1860 -373
47 Rob Foxx Foxx Indy Racing Enterprises 🔥 1859 -374
48 Alan Losure Rebel Racing 1858 -375
49 Drew Team Dream 1855 -378
50 Jim M teamindy 1853 -380
51 Chad Eberly Bulldog Racing 1829 -404
52 Darrell Cox Rum Runner 1828 -405
53 Barry Shield Plus Racing 1825 -408
54 Ryan Spear TKDWRHRFAN 1824 -409
Brett M. Waldrep Waldrep Motorsports 1824 -409
56 Frederick Hurley Big Green Motorsports 1811 -422
57 Jason AndRome~Racing 1790 -443
58 Jim Cockrall Old Fart 1789 -444
59 Emily indygurl13 1777 -456
60 Bob Tzucker TZ Racing 1775 -458
61 Shawn Starkey 6thAveConcepts 1771 -462
62 Dave Wilson cause of the yellow 1752 -481
63 Gregg Hit With a Brick 1735 -498
64 Jim Blasko Lightning Blackie 1731 -502
65 Susan Hodge iamindy01 1695 -538
66 Chelsea Sycamore Racing 1689 -544
67 Rick Team Backmarker 1674 -559
68 Miguel Ecurie GT-REPORT.com 1668 -565
69 Kris Klein Slumpbusters 1667 -566
70 Pam Kirchgessner Team Indydog 1645 -588
72 Jackers Big Buddy Racing 1601 -632
73 Don dons ride buyers 1589 -644
74 Scott Jackson Team Awesome 1562 -671
75 Dan Guse dguse500 1523 -710
76 Matt stoudt Go Go Marco 1438 -795
77 Sammy Team Phillip Johnny Bob 1417 -816
78 Paul 1372 -861
79 Shawn Mattox Rust-eze Racing 1263 -970
80 John Yates BeerGoggles 1236 -997
81 Matt Brown texacostar05 1223 -1010
82 Chad Danica Patrick Racing 1188 -1045
83 Vannessa Waldrpe team waldrep 1187 -1046
84 Chris Thomas ChequeredFLAGZ 1169 -1064
85 Brandon Ballschmiede 1stDirection 1089 -1144
86 Jessica Know Effin Kloo 1084 -1149
87 Devin Underwood Underworld Racing 1017 -1216
88 Steve Longbrake Team Bud 881 -1352
89 Michael Mason Yak Racing LLC. 739 -1494
90 scott 722 -1511
91 Dave Fresher D-Fresh Racing 542 -1691
92 Doug Schiefelbein Rebel Racing 535 -1698
93 Mike Dario Bros. 487 -1746
94 Justin Griner IRLFan9 478 -1755
95 Charlie Painter Team Painter 415 -1818